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Many people around the world have witnessed a lot of miracles with the use of Ayurveda. Are you also fond of the natural treatment called Ayurveda? If that is the cases, then you must visit India. We all know that India is the home place for Ayurveda, and you will get the best Ayurvedic treatment in India. It is used in the country for centuries to cure people’s health issues. All other medication systems have arrived recently, but Ayurveda is the oldest treatment. It is quite prevalent even today. In fact, people from all around the world are seeking this amazing treatment. It involves the use of herbs. That is why it is called natural medicine. 


Ayurveda is called the science of life and longevity. There may be many places where you can get the best ayurvedic treatment. But when In India, you will get the best ayurvedic treatment in Kerala. The best thing about this treatment is that it is to remove the problem permanently.

When you go to a center that provides ayurvedic treatment in Kerala, you will find that these people are best at what they do. They have the best Ayurveda facility, along with the best doctors. It required a lot of knowledge and a perfect set up provide Ayurveda treatment. Ayurveda takes you close to nature. After all, it is about the use of natural resources. No chemicals are involved in such procedures. 

Kerala - The Land of Ayurveda!

Whenever you thing Ayurveda, Kerala comes to your mind. Right? Ayurvedic treatment in 
Kerala has maintained the same ways of treatments that were used by the all those amazing gurus in the ancient times. Kerala is called The “God’s own country,” but it is also the Ayurveda’s own country. Ayurveda here is used as the primary source of treatment. People from all around India and word visit Kerala for ayurvedic treatment. 

Kerala has a perfect climate and nature’s blessings. It is blessed with countless medicinal plants. Its weather is best suited for Ayurveda. Many people seek Best Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala, and they never get disappointed. Kerala has the maximum number of Ayurveda colleges and practitioners. Ayurveda does not only cure you, but it enlightens and enriches you.

How can the best Ayurvedic doctor help you to cope with mental stress?

Is mental stress playing a bigger role in your life than you would like it to? Too much stress can have serious repercussions on the overall life of an individual. This is where Ayurveda comes to the fore. Ayurveda offers a beautiful perspective on the proper management of stress. Ayurveda treatment relies on 20 qualities to illustrate the phenomenon of stress in the natural world.


A brief overview of the oldest healthcare system in the world- Ayurveda

Interestingly, Ayurveda offers a deep insight into the nature of stress and what one can do about it. Pitta, Vata and Kapha are the main mind-body types which help one to understand the proper functioning of our bodies. To be precise, Ayurveda sees stress as a disturbance of the nervous system. This can be controlled by Vata Dosha. A proper understanding of the Dosha mind-body type can clearly illustrate the reasons that trigger your stress.

Benefits of Ayurvedic treatments

According to Ayurveda, one of the most important steps in balancing stress is to slow down. Though for many of us, it is impossible, note that it is not impossible to achieve. Purposeful self-care is often one of the best treatment procedures to cure stress. If someone is suffering from mental stress, he or she needs to indulge in quality self-care. Committed self-care is an integral part of the healing process. Choose to prioritize things so that you can get adequate sleep and rest.

The Ayurvedic treatments related to mental illnesses

The Ayurvedic medicines will assist the people of all ages in getting the upper hand on various types of mental illnesses from which they are suffering. Ayurvedic treatment with the assistance of medicinal herbs and Ayurvedic specialist doctor can quickly help in the relaxation of the mind. Moreover, Panchakarma treatment in different regions of the world aims to eliminate mental stress.

Thus, by taking into account the Ayurvedic treatment, you can be at peace with your mind. The Ayurveda medications available throughout the world aim to eliminate your stress hormones, thereby helping you to relax. The Best Ayurvedic Doctor can help you to cope with mental stress.

Ayurvedic Treatment Tour in India

Ayurvedic medicine is generally more helpful regarding strain and anxiety associated problems and unceasing conditions. Ayurvedic treatment is also very beneficial in mitigating the effects of surgery and unbearable treatments such as chemotherapy. Other well-liked benefits of Ayurveda are that it rejuvenates and offer some good beauty products.

The most excellent time for ayurvedic treatment are the rainy season, throughout the heavy shower from June to September, is an idyllic time for ayurvedic healing because the environment remains chilly, damp, and the dust is comparatively less.

Ayurvedic Treatment Available in India:

The majority of places that offer ayurvedic healing are to be found in the state of Kerala, owing to the weather and rich supply of curative plants and herbs present here. You will come across a lot of ayurvedic midpoints in Goa. Ayurvedic cure is obtainable together at ayurvedic hospitals and at resorts offering Ayurvedic treatments, along with nearly all five star hotels in these particular states. An additional pioneering option is to reserve an ayurvedic houseboat and discover the pleasing Kerala backwaters while getting treatment.

Best Places to get Ayurvedic Treatment in India:

You will observe that there are two chief varieties of ayurvedic healing that is provided in India -- all-purpose transformation treatments catering to travelers and offered by resorts in tourist regions, and exhaustive medical cure governed by centers in geographic sites with the most appropriate climate. Resorts are excellent for anybody just looking for some over care, a massage, or a general feel for ayurveda. Nevertheless, those who really want some serious quality ayurvedic treatment for medicinal reasons should go to a good hospital.

The Best Ayurvedic Resorts in India:

Trustworthy Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala comprises of the Beach and Lake Ayurvedic Resort and Surya Samudra Spa Niraamaya very close to Trivandrum, Nikki's Nest Holiday Resort and the Somatheeram Ayurvedic Beach and numerous Health Resorts close to Kovalam, Keraleeyam Ayurvedic Resort at short distance from Alleppey, and the fresh and inventive Ayurkshethra ayurveda and yoga resort at Kumarakom. All these famous destinations for The Best Ayurvedic Treatments In Kerala offer pretty good discounts for accommodation throughout seasons.



Ayurvedic Treatment For Psoriasis - Does It Have A Place In The Modern World?


Sufferers of psoriasis will be only too well aware of the absence of a medical cure for the condition, and many will turn to alternative therapies for relief. Ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis is one such alternative to the options offered up by modern science that merely treat the symptoms of psoriasis, not the cause.

Ayurvedic medicine itself originates from India and the Hindu religion, and its fundamental principles date back as far as 1500 BC. The actual word 'Ayurvedic' can be roughly translated from Sanskrit into English as 'knowledge of longevity'. So, how does ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis work, and does it really have a place in today's world?

Ayurvedic medicine assesses the cause of psoriasis to be an in-balance of the body's natural state, brought about by a combination of poor diet, toxicity levels within the body, irregular sleeping patterns and stress.

Given the causes this system of medicine identifies, ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis aims to address each of them in order to retain an equilibrium of the body. Stress would be tackled through meditation, whilst sleeping habits can only be controlled by the sufferer themselves. Toxicity levels would be reduced by induced vomiting and a strict diet regimen would be put in place to address poor eating habits. These treatments would be complemented with traditional herbal mixtures, both to be taken internally and applied to the body as a kind of paste or mud-pack.

So how do these ideas stand up in the modern world? Well, for the most part the basic ideas on the causes and treatments are not too far from what most modern natural health specialists believe. Induced vomiting may seem a bit severe, but this aspect can be brought up to date and replaced with a good detox program.

Herbal supplements are also often cited by many these days to be beneficial in the treatment of psoriasis, and we have all tried our fair share of creams and lotions to reduce the appearance of the condition. I think it would be fair to view these as modern-day equivalents of the herbal mixtures and concoctions used in traditional ayurvedic medicine 3500 years ago.

The truth is that many of us have already been practising elements of an ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis for years, albeit an updated version. The problem is that with so much choice over which products and supplements to buy, and what foods are beneficial and which are detrimental, we are lacking the guidance that is vital to putting all the pieces of the puzzle together and discovering a doable course of treatments that will work with permanent results.

This Psoriasis Treatment Course is a program that applies a holistic approach to delivering a completely natural solution to the problem of psoriasis.

If you follow the advice inside, you'll be so amazed at how simple and yet effective this program is. And, you'll finally get the relief from psoriasis that you've been hoping for.

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Piles - All Natural Cure for Hemorrhoids Advice


Have you been looking on the internet for the best Ayurvedic treatment for piles and have not been able to find a proper remedy? If this is the case then you should continue to read the rest of this article as I will be discussing what Ayurveda is and how you can use it to treat your hemorrhoids forever.

Ayurveda is an ancient practice of healing used by the people in India and is still practiced in S. Asia. Your practitioner will start by diagnosing your ailments, and then they will use natural methods in order to cure your diseases. When using an Ayurvedic treatment for piles you can feel safe as it will be an all natural remedy with minimal if any side effects​.

The only concern that most people have with Ayurvedic treatment is that it is not as commonly known (which may be a good thing), thus you cannot just walk into your local doctor's office and ask for this particular treatment. With Ayurvedic treatment for piles you will notice that not only will your hemorrhoids be cured but you will notice that these herbs will heal other areas of your body as well.

There are 2 basic ways Ayurveda is used in order to treat hemorrhoids and they are done in methodical way. The two treatments that you may here about are Rasayana and Panchakarma.

RasayanaRasayana is a stage where you will nourish your body. It will add the important elements back into your body of which you may have been missing; thus helping you to restore your body to its original form. This method may include diet change, yoga for exercise, and you may be given herbal medication or a tonic.

PanchakarmaThis treatment is used to flush out all of the impurities within your body. The reason why you may be suffering from constipation is due to these impurities; and as you may know constipation can cause hemorrhoids. Panchakarma treatment has 3 stages to clean up your body. The first stage is a pre-purification stage; which is basically oil therapy and massage. Next is the primary treatment stage; which may consist of an enema. Last is the post treatment stage; this will just be a maintenance stage where you watch your diet and take herbal pills.

So now you know what and why you should use Best Ayurvedic Doctor In India for piles. By keeping your body free from harmful toxins as well as treating your hemorrhoids problem naturally you will feel better about yourself.

A -Z Guide to Healthy Hair.

Ayurveda: Ayurvedic herbs have long held secrets for the treatment of thinning and breaking hair. Nourish your hair and scalp with Eclipta Alba and Gotu Kolacan, two of my favourite Ayurvedic herbs.

Biotin: Also known as vitamin H or B7. It is responsible for the creation of the Keratin in our hair. Take it as a naturally from foods such as eggs and avocados.

Chemical processing: Ban chemicals from your hair care routine and you will see an immediate improvement to the health of your hair. Chemicals found in hair dyes, perming solutions and chemical straightening, can all damage your hair's internal structure causing weathering and lead to breakage.

D Vitamin: Sunshine is the best source of Vitamin D, although it can be taken as a supplement too. D Vitamins are important to your overall health, including a healthy head of hair.

Eggs: These pocket rocket, compact, ready to go snacks are a cheap source of high quality protein and a slew of other important vitamins and minerals, including sulphur, the beauty mineral.

Fo Ti: An ancient Chinese herb, otherwise known as He Shou Wu, is a natural anti-androgen. In layman terms this means it can stop hair loss and helps combat Male Pattern Baldness.

Genetics: It is important to come to terms with the hand, or shall we say hair, that Mother Nature dealt you. Look for styles and cuts that suit your hair type and stop fighting the genetic card you were blessed with.

Hormones: Your diet, age and stress levels will have effects on your hormones. Some hormone imbalances can lead to hair loss.

Iron: Ensure you are eating plenty of iron rich foods. Low iron levels can lead to Anemia and low energy levels. A common side effect of Anemia is hair loss.

Jazz it up: Have fun with your hair, enjoy it what ever the length or style.

Keratin: Our hair is made up mostly of Keratin, a protein that gives hair it's strength. Using excessive heat and the external environment can corrode the keratin in our hair.

Loose hairstyles: Loose hairstyles mean less stress on your hair follicles and less breakage to hair during the day and when you sleep.

Massage: Getting good blood flow to nourish your hair follicles is important if you are wanting to stimulate growth. A scalp massage is also very relaxing and will help alleviate stress, which can inhibit hair growth and cause shedding.

Nuts: Nuts are another powerhouse food full of nutrients, healthy fats and oils, and protein. All of which are important for optimal healthy hair growth.

Oil: When it comes to increasing shine and protecting hair, you can't go past oils. Popular oils to oil your hair with include Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Argan Oil and Almond Oil.

Protein: Protein is essential to stimulate hair growth and is important in building and strengthening the hair shaft. Weak brittle hair can sometimes be an indicator of the need to increase your protein intake.

Quality products: The products you use on your hair do not always have to be expensive, but they should always be of high quality. The same goes for the food you eat to feed your hair internally. Remember quality counts.

Repetitive hair styling: Doing your hair in the same style everyday can lead to stress on your hair shaft. Go for mixing up the buns you wear and the position of your ponytails.

Shampoo: Washing your hair too often can lead to dryness and brittle ends. Experiment with how often you shampoo.

Trimming: If your hair is damaged from over processing you will need to trim regularly. Self trimming should only be attempted with very sharp hair dressing scissors.

Up dos: Save your hair from damage caused by seat belts and handbag straps by wearing your hair up and out of harm's way.

Vinegar: Apple Cider Vinegar is a cheap solution for removing product build-up and taming frizz.

Wide tooth comb: Overzealous brushing can lead to frizzy hard to manage hair, invest in a quality wide tooth comb to combat tangles.

X-tra Gentle: Treat your tresses like Nanna's antique silk. When hair is wet or damaged from chemical processing take extra care of it and be gentle with it.

Yoyo dieting: A healthy eating plan is essential for hair growth, yoyo and crash diets can lead to massive hair shedding and stalled growth. Eating healthy and staying away from over processed, sugary food is beneficial to both your hair and your waistline.

Zinc: The mineral Zinc is critical for hair growth and to stop hair from shedding, it is also essential for your body to properly absorb iron. Thinning hair is often a result of low Zinc levels.

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Ayurveda is called the knowledge of life. It has been practised in India for thousands of years now. Lord Dhanwantri who is an avatar of Lord Vishnu is revered as the God of Ayurveda. The origins of Ayurveda are found in Arthaveda which contains 114 hymns that describe the medicines and treatments for acute and chronic ailments of Humans. Ayurveda aims at maintenance of physical, mental and social health of an individual. It aims to balance the mind, body and spirit of a person.

Ayurveda emphasises in leading a healthy life in tune with nature. It has a holistic approach and focuses on natural healing through the natural resources. In the ancient India mankind was solely depended either on the Ayurvedic or the Home remedies through the medieval era saw a major decline in Ayurvedic practices, the aftermath was even worse as the British and Muslim invaders gave no heed to Indian values of life and sciences. With the advent of the Britishers, western learning and sciences made their roots in India. Ayurveda went under a headstrong fight with the western scientist and doctors who nullified its value because it lacked experiments and proves.

Ayurveda has still made its way in healing various ailments and Indians are still dependent on it for a number of diseases. Ayurvedic medicine works on the root cause of a disease. Nowadays Ayurveda comes under the alternative medicines but earlier it was the only option for the curing the various ailments. I knew people who are very much sceptical about the Allopathy treatments as the medicines such as steroids and antibiotics have ample of side effects on human body. Nevertheless one cannot ignore the achievements of western medical sciences but there are diseases like Depression, Parkinson disease and many others which are easily and quickly healed through herbs and meditation techniques.

Ayurveda has three rudimentary substances which are Tri dosha (Three problems): Vat, Pitta and Kapha, the imbalance in any of them results in a disease. Initially, an Ayurvedic Practitioner analyses the pulse of a patient to check the imbalances of any of these doshas. In India, there are an umpteen number of Ayurvedic hospitals which provide treatments for different ailments. Most of the Indians prefer to take treatment in Kerala because of the natural environment and tranquillity.

Ayurvedic Therapies like: 
1) Panchkarma - It has five bio cleansing procedures for the purpose of detoxification of the whole body.

2) Pizhichil - It's an oil treatment, where the drops of the medicated oil are squeezed on the body of the patient, this treatment cures body pain and it improves blood circulation.

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