Ayurvedic Treatment For Psoriasis - Does It Have A Place In The Modern World?


Sufferers of psoriasis will be only too well aware of the absence of a medical cure for the condition, and many will turn to alternative therapies for relief. Ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis is one such alternative to the options offered up by modern science that merely treat the symptoms of psoriasis, not the cause.

Ayurvedic medicine itself originates from India and the Hindu religion, and its fundamental principles date back as far as 1500 BC. The actual word 'Ayurvedic' can be roughly translated from Sanskrit into English as 'knowledge of longevity'. So, how does ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis work, and does it really have a place in today's world?

Ayurvedic medicine assesses the cause of psoriasis to be an in-balance of the body's natural state, brought about by a combination of poor diet, toxicity levels within the body, irregular sleeping patterns and stress.

Given the causes this system of medicine identifies, ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis aims to address each of them in order to retain an equilibrium of the body. Stress would be tackled through meditation, whilst sleeping habits can only be controlled by the sufferer themselves. Toxicity levels would be reduced by induced vomiting and a strict diet regimen would be put in place to address poor eating habits. These treatments would be complemented with traditional herbal mixtures, both to be taken internally and applied to the body as a kind of paste or mud-pack.

So how do these ideas stand up in the modern world? Well, for the most part the basic ideas on the causes and treatments are not too far from what most modern natural health specialists believe. Induced vomiting may seem a bit severe, but this aspect can be brought up to date and replaced with a good detox program.

Herbal supplements are also often cited by many these days to be beneficial in the treatment of psoriasis, and we have all tried our fair share of creams and lotions to reduce the appearance of the condition. I think it would be fair to view these as modern-day equivalents of the herbal mixtures and concoctions used in traditional ayurvedic medicine 3500 years ago.

The truth is that many of us have already been practising elements of an ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis for years, albeit an updated version. The problem is that with so much choice over which products and supplements to buy, and what foods are beneficial and which are detrimental, we are lacking the guidance that is vital to putting all the pieces of the puzzle together and discovering a doable course of treatments that will work with permanent results.

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